Sunday, April 19, 2015

Robert about volunteering
“Watching good quality films can be a  life inspiring experience” is something that our class teacher, Mrs Medan, tells us whenever she has the opportunity. And now, that I had the chance “ to get impressed”, I took it. I attended the volunteering activity organized with the seniors in the “Rivulus Pueris “ Centre on 31st of March, to watch together and to debate over the film “The book thief”. I had heard about it before and I expected it to be a little “too educative” but, while watching it I was hooked and I didn’t realized  how the time passed. Then, I was interested to find out what the others have to say, what they found significant and inspiring. 

Some opinions, expressed  mostly by the elderly, got stacked into my mind: the idea of reading as a form of surviving or the thought that Kindness can be triumphant  when people treasure their supreme value – their humanity. Above all, I was touched by one of the granny’s remarks about the film. She said that we can appreciate peace, quiet and the happiness we have even better when we see this beautiful, sad film which points out suffering and human solidarity in war time.

I wouldn’t have thought about all these if I had seen the film alone or, perhaps, I wouldn’t have seen it at all. All the better to be satisfied with my choice.

Rares about volunteering
I’ve been involved in several volunteering activities so far and I discovered that I like best those when I have something to learn from the elderly. My grandparents do not live here so, I’ve always felt a bit “poorer” as compared to most of my colleagues who have had the privilege to grow up in the proximity of their granddads and grand mums. That’s the reason why I chose to involve in the activity organized with the seniors in “Rivulus Pueris” Centre on 25th of February 2015.

The topic of discussions was spring traditions both in our country and county. We took it very seriously and each of us looked for information in different sources: books, magazines and – particularly – the internet. We wanted to impress the seniors with our knowledge. And we did.  However, their information was more detailed and I understood that when you learn about matters is one thing, but when you experience them is something different, which you do not forget easily.

Razvan about volunteering
On 17th of Decembre 2014, a part of the volunteers in our Comenius project had an uncommon “appointment” with the seniors from “Rivulus Pueris “ Centre, which was especially prepared from November. Our school and the staff from the “Rivulus Pueris” decided to organize a charity action so, we prepared packets with goods for the needy people from the neighbourhood, most of which being elderly. We did this starting with the second part of November up to 15th of December.

Meanwhile, we also prepared for a carol concert and learned carols in English and French, besides new Romanian ones. When the settled date came, we went to “Rivulus Pueris” Centre to sing for the elderly and to give them our gifts. The whole period when we prepared and performed for the seniors we kept being very enthusiastic and filled with a positive energy. I think it was a natural state which came from our understanding that we were doing something good, to prove our support and empathy. It was a wonderful way to get ready for Christmas.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Lidia and Natalia about volunteering: CHANGES!!

The last day we went to meet Micaela. She told us about her life when she was a child, telling us about games, houses and ways of transport: Micaela lived in the countryside. She lived with her parents and her grandmother. Her house was built with clay and stones. The windows were made of wood. In addition to this, they used to cook with wood in a chimney. She used to play traditional games with her brothers and sisters like jogging, skipping rope and playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. On weekends they helped to their parents cooking or cleaning the house. Moreover, they rode a carriage in order to be transported
Now, we live in big buildings which are made with bricks, aluminium and plaster. Besides, children play video games or chat with their friends all the time instead of breathing fresh air. On weekend we go to the countryside to enjoy time but we drive cars, motorbike or bikes to go there. On the other hand, when the trip is long we use planes, boats or trains, so we can say that there are many different between now and some years ago.


The other day we went to visit an old woman called Catalina, who is 83 years old. We were offered to help her to do the houseworks, so we were washing the dishes and tidying the kitchen up. After that she introduce us to her birds and she taugh us to feed them. We had a nice afternoon than finished with an interesting Parchis round.


The last day I visited this old woman she told me an experience she had when she was 15 years old. She told me that she was shopping in a market when her skirt was hitched to a post tearing completely. It made her so embarrased that she had to use a bag in order to avoid that people realised about it. That day we were laughing about it but she assured me that she had a bad shot. After that she invited me to have dinner what made that day very amazing due to the fact that the food was delicious.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring with Volunteering

“ Life is not only to take....”

It is nice to be useful, it is great to help people in need... . I was so proud I was able to take part in the succeeding edition of spectacular action: “ The Fields of Happiness”.Not a big afford and so much help!

In a good company, together with the members of Comenius group, from the early morning 29 March 2015 we collected money for ill elderly people. Each donor received in return for his heart adaffodil, the flower done by students on art lessons.

People willingly supported this action and with a smile put money into a special cans.

Sometimes it is worth to be interested in the topic of death, which is taboo in our homes, familiarizing young people with the subject of hospice, with the accompaniment of elderly people, grandparents, parents in the last moments of their lives, said Krzysztof Smerecki- coordinator of the action.

We feel that we have achieved something valuable, with a little effort, in a good company (even a friendly dog willingly joined us), in the spring sunshine, we proudly asked for money and... townsfolks , as always, did not disappoint our trust.

“ A friend in need is a friend indeed”.